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About Us

Pauly Ortiz Joe Ortiz Paul Ortiz

Heavenly Media Services is a family run freelance music production team with a solid base of personal and professional experience within the music and media industry and many years of combined expertise.

We are always looking to expand further into the media industry and are actively seeking assignments and long term working relationships with media companies of any size.

Among our key assets/strengths, are:

  • A tightly knit, entirely in-house team - no external costs associated with bringing in outside musicians, engineers, or equipment

  • Three distinctly varied musical approaches allowing for a vast number of styles and genres to be covered from classical through to rock, or jazz through to electronic

  • Extremely fast turnaround; working ideas in hours not days, and finished results in days not weeks - you might even get a final within 24 hours!


What makes Heavenly Media Services so adaptable and diverse?

Joe Ortiz hails from New York City and has had extensive experience as among other things - a producer, arranger, composer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist session musician (primarily guitar, bass and keyboards).  Pauly Ortiz has also had much experience within the music industry as an accomplished singer, lyricist, pianist and songwriter. Finally - their son Paul has followed suit and is a multi instrumentalist, composer and producer with a strong catalogue of personal, and more recently, professional work.

Their varied musical preferences and backgrounds means they are able to produce music which crosses boundaries of style and generation.

What is the mission of our team?

Heavenly's mission is to help program makers, producers, project managers and others to communicate their message better with music that perfectly compliments their message. We have what we feel is the broadest set of services and benefits for our clients. Such clients may also include...

creative content managers
web developers
digital video professionals
mobile developers
content providers and operaters
business users
government and education


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